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Orienteering Challenge

Another great way to discover the Parc des Dérêches !

Orienteering is a fun, educational sport, which tests your ability to locate yourself and objects in a specified area, using a highly accurate map. No need to ba a whizz using a compass bacause, whatever your level, this is an activity accessible to everyone, be it on your own ot with family and friends. The course is open all year round (by foot, bike, with snowshoes etc).

You need to work out the different terrain and assess the distances accurately.

The route is mapped out with 20 markers (wooden poles) placed in strategic areas. Each time you find a marker, pierce the corresponding box the marker ont he card and then continue on to the next point. The course cans be completed in any order. Follow the set paths indicated, only crossing the river using the bridges.

The official map is available at the Toursit Office or Sports center near the entrance of the path.