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Wellness & relaxation

The Swimming complex offers relaxing moments with a 160 m2 spa area (+18 y.o.). After a day skiing, a mountain hike, a swim in our pools or simply to relax, our saunas and Turkish baths will allow you to rest and recover. Far from the bustling pools, a relaxation area provides loungers and views of the Pointe de Nyon.

Dry heat in our 3 Saunas

Originally from Finland, a sauna is a wooden hut heated by a stove to a temperature of around 70 to 100°C. Alternating heat and cold allows you to fully enjoy the positive and relaxing effects of the sauna. After a 10/15 minutes session, do not hesitate to take a fresh shower and renew the process. We generally recommend 3 sessions. The sauna relaxes you, eliminates toxins, stimulates your circulation and immune system, loosens muscles, cleans the skin… many advantages which make it a key feature of the Swimming complex.

Wet heat in our 2 Turkish baths

Originally from North Africa, Turkish baths (or hammams) are an invitation to relaxation. The gentle and steamy heat (between 40 to 50°C) surrounds you, activates blood circulation, and provides an enjoyable and relaxing moment. The hot steam opens the pores and sinuses, eliminates toxins, eases breathing and soothes muscle pains (Learn more).


Opening hours similar to Swimming Pool.

The week subscription is valid for one week from the date of issue.
from 6pm to 7pm
SPA + POOL (autumn and winter)  14.00 €  9.90 € 39.60 € 122.80 €
SPA + POOL (spring and summer)  13.00 €  10.30 € 37.40 € 116.50 €